A word about privacy and this internet site...

KiowaCountyPress.com does not currently collect or track information about the site's viewers through the use of "cookies" or other technologies that can be used to identify a specific individual. Your personal information is not recorded through any automated procedures.

You may choose to voluntarily disclose certain personal information to us via e-mail, online surveys, newsletter mailing lists or other means. In such cases, your information is retained for use solely by the Kiowa County Press and its web sites, and is not disclosed or transmitted to any third party.

Parental permission is required by law in order for the Kiowa County Press to accept and retain personally identifying information from individuals under the age of 13. The Kiowa County Press does not knowingly currently accept such personally identifying information from individuals under the age of 13, and requires individuals to specify their birth date for verification purposes when providing personal information to subscribe to e-mail newsletters and other services.

"Cookie" technology may be used in conjunction with our online polls as a method to prevent viewers from voting more than once in a poll. In cases where a cookie is used in conjunction with an online poll, no specific personal information is obtained or stored by the Kiowa County Press. The cookie only shows that a vote in the poll has been cast from a particular computer; it does not allow us to know who cast the vote,  what the vote was, or other information.

Cookie technology may also be used to track which pages are being viewed, though such tracking does not disclose to us which specific individuals are viewing the pages. This type of tracking, if implemented, is used to help determine which kinds of articles are most popular with our viewer and other similar information. This information is only used by the Kiowa County Press in developing and improving the web site(s) and is not disclosed or transmitted to any third party.

In the course of routine operation, our server(s) do(es) collect, without the use of cookie technology, general information about which pages are being viewed, which types of browsers are used to view the pages, the day and time the pages were viewed and other similar statistical information, however such information cannot be correlated to specific individuals. Similar statistical  information is retained by virtually all servers.

Advertisers on web sites controlled by the Kiowa County Press may have privacy policies which differ from the policies of the Kiowa County Press. If you choose to visit an advertiser's web site, you will be subject to any and all policies in effect for that site. The Kiowa County Press is not responsible for the privacy policies, or the implementation thereof, on any web site not under its direct control and authority.

The Kiowa County Press does not disclose personal information about our readers and/or viewers to any other entity. Addresses (either Postal mail or e-mail), phone numbers and any other information we have on file for communicating with you through print, electronic or other means is not sold, rented or traded to any other business or individual for any reason. In specific instances, such information may be released to law enforcement agencies under court order.

This page represents our current policy on privacy. Any changes made to our policy will be posted on this page of our site, and you are encouraged to review this policy from time to time to note any changes which may impact your privacy.

What is a "cookie?"

A cookie is a file that a browser can be instructed to store on a computer. It can contain different types of information for a variety of purposes, and your browser must be instructed to store information in a cookie. Some cookies can be used in conjunction with other information to identify a specific computer or user. Cookies can also be use to help generate statistical information or allow a web site to provide customized features for viewers.

Cookies are not programs. They cannot search through your computer files or transmit information from your computer.

Many browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator/Communicator, allow you to block the use of cookies. Instructions are available for each browser as to how to block cookies.

Last updated May 09, 2007 .